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Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Testimoni | 0 comments

WWP dan Walternya membantu anak untuk belajar secara mandiri

Keistimewaan buku Widya Wiyata Pertama (WWP) dari Tiga Raksa adalah adanya E-Pen  yang bernama “Walter” yang bisa bercerita dan bernyanyi. Dengan adanya walter, anak bisa menjelajah buku Widya Wiyata Pertama (WWP) secara mandiri.

“I Love Walter because it brings life into the books from A Child’s First Library of Learning, stimulates my children’s curiosity and makes learning easier and more fun for them! I have been looking for interactive and entertaining educational books for my kids for the last 4 years, and I finally found it all in the Knowledge series and Walter. Walter has made my investment worthwhile as it adds more value to the series of books. The best part about Walter is that it helps my children learn independently, as they can play and learn with Walter even when we are not around. The day begins and ends with Walter and A Child’s First Library of Learning for my kids!”

(Smriti Purna & Purnananda V. India, Dec 2010)

“I Love Walter because it helps me teach and play with my little brother. Walter sings and talks to me and teaches me everything and anything I want to learn about. Walter is my best friend!”

(Pradhyumna P. Age:5 years old)


Widya Wiyata Pertama dan Walter - Ensiklopedi Anak Tigaraksa

Widya Wiyata Pertama dan Walter – Ensiklopedi Anak Tigaraksa

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